Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I'm Famous!

In this week's Examiner, lolojane is given a shout out!

I want to thank my girl Teri Kerns, who writes for The Baltimore Examiner, for mentioning lolojane in her article. Teri recently wrote a story on my neighborhood Butcher's Hill- the friendly neighborhood in B-more =) (which is true) The article was published last Friday, May 2.

Here's what it says: "Large spaces at affordable costs make Butcher's Hill a prime locale for artists...... For jewelry check out resident Laurel Lydecker's stuff at Nectar Boutique in canton Square or at lolojane.etsy.com."

Ok, so it's not a whole article on me but I totally appreciate Teri for including me and giving Butcher's Hill some love. Thanks Teri!