Saturday, March 29, 2008

back at it

So as it turns out, I actually need to post things to have a blog. Sorry, I've been a bit occupied. I'm starting to think of this summer- which means I got to get my applications out for some shows. -And that means I got to get crackin'! I've been busy with new designs and hope to get a nice inventory together to start with. I've been into wire forms for a bit now. Here is a photo of one of my favorite bracelets.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Some Oldies But Goodies

Here are a few samples of my work from back in the day. Enameled lilies and a silver pendant w/ enamel. I loved working w/ enamel- I hope to be starting up some new enameled goodness soon!

What's Up Party People?

Hello! Welcome to my blog. So here's my deal, I'm here in Baltimore making jewelry and trying to start up a little business to call my own- so I can quit my job working for the man!

Here is an inspirational photo of a dolphin to start you off right!